Districts 17, 18, 19, 42 & 43 of the Democratic-NPL Party will hold its 2018 District Convention on January 27th at Schroeder Middle School, 800 32nd Ave S, Grand Forks, ND. The Convention will begin at 9:30am.

The District Convention will be responsible for approving recommendations to the State Convention for Platform and Resolutions; endorsing legislative candidates in Districts 17, 19 & 43; and electing delegates and alternates to the Dem-NPL State Convention, to be held in Grand Forks on March 15-17.

The Democratic-NPL party is a grassroots organized political party. Meetings and membership are open to anyone who has voted for, or plans to vote for, Dem-NPL candidates, or simply affiliates themselves with the Party’s ideals.

For more information, please contact: Frank Matejcek, 701-740-5038