Elect Lynnell Popowski for District 19 Representative

Lynnell is a farmer’s daughter; born, raised and thriving in the upper Red River Valley. She is a wife and mother, a former educator and non-profit leader, and community development specialist and a rural advocate. Key Values:

  • Universal Broadband Access in rural areas to ensure economic growth
  • Soil Conservation to ensure the future of farming in the Valley Family Leave to support our community members
  • Family Leave to support our community members

Campaign Contact Information
701-520-4960 | popowski4dist19nd@gmail.com
need mailing address, Gilby, ND zip code

About Lynnell

I believe in fairness and opportunity for all, a strong democracy based on ethics, investing in our future, and the rights of individuals & families. In District 19 this means access to broadband to allow our residents the same freedoms and opportunities afforded urban residents of our state. Our children, students, and employees need the tools of the 21st century to thrive here in our communities.

It also means working for family leave that supports childcare along with care provided for a disabled or elderly family member. Without that support, families cannot fully participate in the work force where they are desperately needed. Our state has the funds to support family caregivers and we need to make it a priority.

Finally, I am concerned about the future of our environment. There are concrete methods that can improve/maintain the productivity of the soil by preventing erosion, and improving healthy soil microorganisms.  Such practices benefit the environment while having the potential to boost the “bottom-line.” Our children deserve our best local efforts.

I have ten years’ experience in Higher Education and another ten in non-profit management. I am an alumnus of Moorhead State University and the University of North Dakota, as well as the NDSU Rural Leadership program. I have been a Sunday school teacher, a bartender, the president of volunteer organizations and a friend to those in need.

My husband Salvin and I live on a farm with our dog Katie and a multitude of cats. We enjoy gardening, playing Rummikub, and visiting small town cafes in the region. I consume vast quantities of audio books and am especially fond of Scandinavian detective fiction.