Ethics Commission: Why is the legislature doing everything they can to prohibit the Ethics Commission from doing the job the North Dakota voters want them to do? North Dakotans for Public Integrity are stating that the “draft rules” raise important substantive, legal and procedural concerns.” North Dakota ethics measure group unhappy with draft rules exempting campaign donations.

Bastiat Caucus: Why don’t they want us to know their names? What do they want? Why the secrecy? What are their principles?

From their Facebook page: “The Bastiat Caucus was founded in 2013 North Dakota legislative session by Rep. Rick Becker in order to foster and advance the principles of liberty. ABOUT US: The Bastiat Caucus is an unofficial, voluntary association of legislators within the North Dakota State House and Senate. It was initially formed during the 2013 Legislative Session.
For the 2017 session, the Caucus members have decided to put forward a more public portal in order to disseminate information about the group to the general public and help to mobilize grassroots activists behind its legislative agenda.
The Caucus meets regularly during session. These informal meetings provide an environment in which advocates of limited-government may communicate, learn about and support appropriate legislation and come together in the spirit of common purpose. The Bastiat Caucus embraces a philosophy of maximum personal & economic liberty.
Our wish is for this social media outreach to encourage the public to rally their representatives behind like-minded principles of Liberty.
These gatherings and discussions are not centered around personalities, but rather principles. However, in addition to other officers, the Caucus does elect a Chairman at the outset of each legislative session who may serve as a press contact.
The current Caucus Chairman, Representative Christopher Olson (R-13), West Fargo, may be reached at or 701-204-0424.”

What is it like to be a female legislator in Bismarck? Not good. Awful. Some female legislators received hate mail and death threats following the expulsion of Luke Simmons. Some legislators are still supporting his behavior and are retaliating against the people that voted to expel him. What can we do to change this very hostile environment for women to work in? Senators Nicole Poolman (R) and Erin Oban (D) have both announced that they will not seek re-election in 2022.

Why did the North Dakota legislators vote to rescind the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment? Why did the dates bother them? Why did they care? If they support Equal Rights for Women what are they doing about it?