Northern Valley Dem-NPL

Districts 17, 18, 42 and 43 are located in Grand Forks and the surrounding areas that include Manvel, Emerado and the Grand Forks Air Force Base.

District 19 extends from Minto north to the Canadian border.

District 20 begins near Minto and continues a few miles south of Hillsboro.

Northern Valley’s Regional Representative is Charlie Hart. Reach him at 701-520-2750 or email at

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Individual District Maps and Contact Information are listed below.

District 17

District Chair: Thomasine Heitkamp

District 18

District Chair: Matt Leiphon

District 19

District Chair: Lynnell Popowski

District 20

District Chair: Phyllis Kadrmas

District 42

District Chair: Melissa Gjellstad

District 43

District Chair: Kaye Carlson